Created Oct 2022, Last updated: 15 December, 2023 by Avinash Shenoy

What is this site for?

This site has instructions for setting up R/RStudio before the in-person sessions. It also has the code for exercises we will carry out during the sessions. These instructions on R programming language for new or less familiar users.

Get started by first going to the Pre-session page. You must follow these instructions before coming for the in-person sessions.

For self-stufy, you can then follow code on Session 1 and Session 2 pages.

Basic statistics for biologists

Visit the Statistics for Micro/Immuno biologists website for the basics theory and R code for statistical tests.

What more?

grafify is a package to make many different kinds of ‘grafs’! You can check out the vignette website here, and play around by copy/pasting code for any of the other graphs.


This website was created by Avinash Shenoy, who is based at the Centre for Bacterial Resistance Biology (previously called the MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology & Infection (CMBI)). This unique Centre is based within the Depts of Infectious Disease and Life Science, Imperial College London.

Avinash is also the academic lead for the MRes in Bacterial Pathogenesis & Infection for which he originally designed this course. These materials are also suitable for UG students (or any one!) interested in learning statistical analyses in R.